Founded in 2010, the Smart villas Mauritius mission is to meet the growing demand of holidaymakers looking for a genuine experience in Mauritius. Vacationers are mainly looking for an alternative to the standardised hotel proposals, without losing comfort while having an enrich experience of Mauritius…




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Decision made, you have chosen Mauritius as your next destination. You are looking for the perfect getaway with the comfort you are used to. Whatever your objectives are for your holidays, a quiet place, water sports, cultural outings or hiking, enjoy the opportunity to take what Mauritius has to offer.

Basically you want to avoid a hotel and you are looking for vacation villa rentals in Mauritius but have a hard time knowing where to find the right villa or how to choose it?

Your answer is here. Smart Villas has a large portfolio with over 100 villas for rent in Mauritius.

Best deal rentals in Mauritius, Beachfront Villas in Mauritius, Residences in Mauritius, Pemium Villas in Mauritius or Luxury Beachfront Villas in Mauritius, vacation villa rentals in Mauritius is our business. Our services offer a selection of villas  according to your needs such as the location on the island, the number of rooms and/or the services attached.


Smart Villas is not limited to vacation Villa rentals in Mauritius. Find related services that accompany these Residences and Villas on Smart Villas Mauritius. Smart Villas Mauritius personally welcomes you at the villa and guides you on the best discoveries to do on the island. A housekeeper and often a cook are attached to the villas and it is also possible to request extra services.


Choosing a villa is more difficult than anticipated? Head to the smartbook and  read the reviews of previous vacationers. Their experience and feedback might be just what you need to make up your mind.

If you have already tried Smart Villas Mauritius, share your opinion with us. Feedback is an excellent way to improve the experience of future users of our services.


We have created a great network amongst the hundred of villas and residence owners and the vacationers. If you would like to join this network, or if you are interested in acquiring assets in Mauritius, you should know that Smart Villas is also open to help you.

With its knowledge of the IRS/RES Projects (allowing foreigners to invest in properties) in Mauritius, Smart Villas can also be present and advise objectively on your investment projects. The "Smart Buy" section contains the information needed for those seeking to invest in luxury villas in Mauritius.

The Smart Villa Property expertise is here to help you have the proper tools and knowledge to benefit of the fiscal advantages by investing in Mauritius. The team is present to help realise your dream with an excellent return on investment.