Unique in the world: the manioc biscuit

Publish on April 5, 2019

140 years since the opening of this biscuit factory in Mauritius. Unique in the world, the family kept his ancestral knowledge to cook his biscuit and cassava galette, plain or declined in several flavors: anise, vanilla, chocolate, coconut, milk or cinnamon. It was in 1868 that began the story of these cookies. Created by Hilarion Rault, son of a Breton settler, the biscuits were made from cassava flour, since wheat was still very rare at that time. It was a great success at the time of the First World War when other cereals were scarce in the country. Despite international recognition as a silver medal at the Franco British Exhibition in London in 1908, and a unique recipe in the world, the biscuit remains little consumed because of the negative reputation of its flour, used to feed animals. Twice destroyed during devastating cyclones, the “factory” will be rebuilt, thanks to the tenacious Thérèse, the creator’s granddaughter, who worked there until she turned 99 and died a few months later. Hardly known, even locally, it nevertheless deserves a detour to discover a surprising method of production, which still uses some equipment of the past such as the fire-heated oven with dried leaves of the traveler’s tree or the old balance for weighing raw cassava. The recipe is identical to the original recipe, a well-kept family secret, only prepared with cassava flour, sugar, and a natural flavor. Entirely made of natural ingredients, no preservatives or flavor enhancers, no additives, and gluten free! Choose the guided tour and finish your visit by tasting the various biscuits and galettes accompanied by tea or coffee. Allow one hour for the visit and tasting.