Discover Mauritian Gastronomy

Mauritius is a bliss for food lovers either of fine dining or typical street food.
Usually prepared with a base of local products, flavours of Mauritian dishes will delight the taste buds of foodies.

You will discover and enjoy local fruits such as bananas, mangoes and litchis full of flavours and produced on the island.

Traditional Mauritian Cuisine

In fact, the ethnic diversity of the local population is reflected in its cuisine.  From the past years, mauritians have adopted culinary traditions from India, Africa, China and France and all of these inspirations has given a unique combination filled with history and knowledge.  The typical Creole dishes of the island are always made with rice, served with meat or fish, cooked in rougaille and accompanied by vegetables such as the ‘chou-chou’, ‘bringelle’, ‘giromon’ and achards. Creole cuisine is colorful and slightly spicy, but above all well-scented.  Flavoured with saffron, coriander, masala or cumin, curry remains the most traditional dish of indian cuisine. A typical local dish is Briani, a traditional muslim meal cooked with rice meat, potatoes and spices, a treat !  You will have the opportunity to taste some chinese meals such as Mines and ‘Bols renversés’, you may also indulge in the popular city stalls that sell succulent ‘Gateaux Piments’, samosas, dholl purri, these delicious indian pancakes.  Many restaurants and hotels around the island offer modern and European cuisine which has earned Mauritius a good reputation in the contemporary culinary world.

Smart Villas Mauritius advice

Should you need a private Chef in your beachfront villa during your holidays or getting to know the best culinary addresses of Mauritius, the Smart Girls will be at your disposal to guide you to the best places of the Mauritian gastronomy and the extraordinary variety of the Mauritian dishes.