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Whatever your preferences – Gastronomic, European, Mauritian or Vegetarian cuisine – we can arrange for our chef to prepare your meals at your villa to save you the trouble of cooking or to think about what to eat.

Below are a few recipe ideas:

- Camarons (giant prawns) in a red sauce and on a bed of palm heart

- Crabs au gratin

- Deer meat stew

- Seafood bouillabaisse

- Barbecue-grilled lobster

- Duck cutlet with a tamarind sauce and potatoes

- Raw fish Tahitian style

- Farata (Indian pancake bread) with chutneys

- Chicken/Prawn curry, lentils, vegetables and chutneys

- Flamed Bananas with Chamarel rhum

Further details & prices:

Evening themes (for a minimum of 8 guests)

As from Rs 1400 (approx: 35€) per person

Private Chef

As from Rs 2800 (approx: 70€)


Rs 1200 (approx: 30€)

Prices are for one meal and decreasing rates for several meals