Who is behind Smartvillas ?

Publish on April 3, 2019

Who is behind SmartVillas Mauritius ? The Smartgirls! Mauritians by origin or from the heart, all four Smartgirls grew up in Mauritius and know Mauritius from the back of their hands. With a background in either the luxury industry, architecture or fashion, they have decided to combine their expertise in favour of Smartvillas, thereby creating a luxurious line in the real estate domain.

Smartvillas is the guarantee of a unique experience in your luxury villa and personalized service. VIP Yu Lounge, airport transfert, car rental, Chef à domicile, equipment for babies and children, grooming and fitness, massage and spa treatment, grocery delivery, shopping, etc? Anything you would like!

Demanding and tireless, Bénédicte, Nathalie, Marie & Stephanie also have a fulfilled family life. The four smartgirls are at your service 24/24, be it in selecting your accommodation or assisting you throughout your entire stay. Nathalie : nathalie@smartvillas-m.com Tel : +230 52574986 Marie : marie@smartvillas-m.com Tel : +230 59881444 Benedicte : benedicte@smartvillas-m.com Tel : +230 57362122 Stephanie : stephanie@smartvillas-m.com