Published on October 15, 2019


Are you a nature lover? Do you like to discover the flora of other countries? Mauritius is full of endemic plants, and you can discover most of them in one of the topmost attractions in Mauritius : the Botanical garden of Pamplemousses.

The majestic “botanical garden of Pamplemousse” with its wide range of flora species, diverse fauna, spice corner, and old sugar mill is the fabulous thing to explore. Different varieties of palms brought from other islands, ebonies, water lilies, and spices are the topmost attraction of this botanical garden. This is officially called the “Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Botanical Garden” or SSR Botanical Garden, found in the north of Mauritius in the village of Pamplemousses, near port Louis.
Stretching across many acres, this magical garden has been nurtured with love by many botanists. This fantastic botanical garden is considered one of the most brilliant gardens around the globe. You want to know why? Here are some of the charms of this garden listed below! But must visit it yourself to have a real experience of beauty.
One of the oldest botanical gardens on the face of the earth!
Pamplemousses Botanical garden is one of the oldest in the southern hemisphere over 240 years later after it’s creation. Over time, it has turned into the famous tourist attraction of Mauritius, originated by horticulturist and missionary “Pierre Poivre” during the French colonial period.
Home to an exceptionally diverse fauna
This garden is the home for different species of animals such as birds, parrots, ducks, Madagascar moorhen, and deers. Its ponds are rich in aquatic life! Giant turtles and many mammals can be seen here and there.
It offers amazing flora
It holds almost 85 different types of palms and over 650 varieties of plants such as giant lilies, unbelievable baobabs, medicinal plants, herbs, and shrubs.
It holds a great history of hosting
Famous personalities around the globe visited and planted trees at this botanical garden. The members of royalty and well-known leaders came to experience the charms of this place. Much admired Princess Margaret, Indira Gandhi, François Mitterrand, countess of Snowdon and Nelson Mandela are some of the people who visited it.
Apart from the amazing fauna and flora it offers, the historical places like Paul et Virginie monument, the Château de Mon Plaisir, several plaques and monuments, the Old Sugar Mill are worth visiting to make the most of your trip. Take a break from your hectic routine right now and plan a visit to the wonderful Pamplemousses botanical garden and embrace its uniqueness and serenity!