The whale – watching

Published on April 4, 2019

Baleine île Maurice
Baleine île Maurice
Baleine île Maurice
Have you ever seen a whale? If so, for sure, it will remain etched in your memory! 
It's just grandiose ... and grandiose is the word, since they can measure up to 15 meters long!
This is the advantage of coming during the winter period to Mauritius. A very mild winter, since it is
still about 25 degrees, but a little windier sometimes. The whales come to give birth around
our coasts from the beginning of July and they will remain during 3 months so that their little one
takes strength to leave towards the deep sea. At the end of September, humpback whales will find
their congeners for the mating season and thus form groups of 3-4 individuals.

If your are lucky, you'll be able to enjoy her spectacular jumps out of the water!

Visitors of other months, be reassured, we also have cachalot around our coasts! 
In groups of 10 to 20 individuals, males and females together, they can reach up to 18 meters long. 
They are present throughout the year, but it is quite exceptional to meet them. A magical experience !