The Ebony forest of Mauritius

Publish on April 4, 2019

Once upon a time, Mauritius was covered with ebony trees. During the Dutch occupation, black ebony, considered the best ebony in the world, was overexploited for the quality of its wood. The forests were quickly emptied of this tree and the exploitation then came to an end. However, they are still found in different forests across the island. Black ebony is a tall, majestic tree with a black trunk spotted with whitish lichens. The petals of its small fragrant flowers are creamy and thick.

The Ebony Forest Reserve Ecological Center has given itself the challenge of restoring and recreating 45 hectares of native forest. A pharaonic project but the biodiversity of Mauritius depends on it. Since 2006, 14 hectares have been replanted, not only of ebony trees but also of other native plants. By visiting the forest of ebony trees in Mauritius, you contribute to the restoration of the forest. More information on