Grocery delivery service to your villa in Mauritius

A headache you can avoid : Shopping on the day of your arrival !

You will be soon travelling to Mauritius for your family holidays in a luxury beachfront villa booked with Smartvillas. Your flight will be landing late on that day and you are a bit worried if you don’t find any shop open late around the villa, as staying hungry is not something worth considering as you need a full restorative sleep after a long flight. Especially since it is also better to have a small kit in the fridge so you can prepare breakfast for the whole family on the next morning.
Rest assured, it is possible to prepare lunch or dinner for your arrival, and also provide, according to your prior request, a shopping service that will allow you to have everything you need for your arrival and directly delivered to the villa.

Save time on your holidays

What’s more wonderful than arriving at your villa and seeing that everything is ready to welcome you, that the fridge is already filled with all the groceries you ordered before arrival !
In order to make your life easier, Smartvillas offers a grocery delivery service that includes the moving to the supermarket, the buying of all groceries you will have selected and the delivery to the villa on your arrival date.
A grocery list will be sent to you by mail with a selection of ingredient that you will choose according to your needs. It is of course possible to add any other specific item you may need that does not appear on the list.

Regarding the shopping delivery, all fresh and frozen products will be stored and arranged in the kitchen as required.
Don’t hesitate to ask assistance to the Smart Girls if you feel that it will help you in your installation the day of your arrival. This will bring you the benefit of time saving and peace of mind that provides a lot of serenity.

Price for the service : Rs 1200 for the grocery service and delivery fee. The price varies slightly according the the delivery area and the quantity of goods ordered.
Supermarket ticket amount will be handed to you for refund.