KOKODEZIL : ONLY 100% natural cosmetics!

Published on May 16, 2019


You can read “I love it!” Fan of natural soaps, yours are great !! I love the formula 2 in 1, really convenient! or “Finally a product really Mauritian! Congrats!”

Ayo, I present to you Kokodezil! Made in Mauritius with a maximum of Mauritian ingredients, Kokodezil offers 100% natural soaps and cosmetics to take care of you AND the Earth:
without additives or synthetic dyes, totally biodegradable and ecofriendly, our products are free of any “nasties”, these controversial ingredients that are sulphates, SCI, PEG, triclosan and other carbon dioxide.
From toothpaste to solid deodorant, moisturizing and soothing body balm soap, natural anti-mosquito care with pure coconut oil, Kokodezil is also the first ecological protection of Mauritius SPF30 sun protection for corals and marine life, and solid shampoos made without sulfates or SCI, this surfactant obtained from Ethylene Oxide, classified as carcinogenic and yet still marketed …

The Kokodezil spirit is the requirement for truly healthy products associated with the sunny spirit of Mauritius! Elaïti, Miswak, Cinnamon, Neem, Avocado, Banana, Papaya, our vegetable ingredients come from local productions in organic agriculture, perma-cultures and “wild” gathering in a protected environment.
Kokodezil was born in 2018 from the know-how of Julie and Emmanuel Lepert, creators of the French brand of natural cosmetics “Ibaïna”. Lovers of Mauritius for a long time, they wanted to participate in the development of Mauritian resources as well as the protection of nature (there is urgency!) By offering healthy products to users: local, healthy and ecological … the little zest of sun and more!
Kokodezil products are made with the pure and natural Coconut oil of Agaléga, island of the Republic of Mauritius located 1000km away to the north and thus support financially the schooling of the children of Agaléga.
Kokodezil is available in shops (Rendez-Vous / Croisette, Craft Market / Super U Grand Bay, Macumba / Black River …) and home delivery on www.kokodezil.com