In the spotlight of Patrick Ova

Publish on May 9, 2019

There are artists of great talent on our island. More or less known, sometimes totally unknown, and yet they have the art and the way to create masterpieces.

Patrick OVA is one of those people. Born in Pamplemousses, only son, he is passionate at first for football. During his childhood, he hits the ball every day for hours until reaching a high national level. Even today, there is not a day when Pat does not touch the ball. And if we open the trunk of his car, it’s a safe bet that there is a ball!

Very young, too, Patrick will develop a natural interest for drawing and painting. Initially self-taught, he later managed his time between his job at the Ministry of Sports and his training as a draftsman, then at the Beaux Arts. It will take him 9 years of work and determination to enter the profession he is passionate about until today: professor of visual arts, which he teaches at the state college of Rivière du Rempart.

In parallel, Patrick will make an exhibition in 2004 at the Mauritius Institute. But it is only in 2012 that he will really reveal himself thanks to his muse, Evelyne, met the same year: he re-discovered the pleasure of painting.

Jazz is another of his passions. Unconditional of Al Jarreau, George Benson, Petrucciani, Diana Krall, Thomas brothers in Mauritius as well as other great … that he paints in monochrome.

You can discover his paintings at La Table du Château, Domaine de Labourdonnais where he exhibited since April 2018.
Although watercolor is his favorite, reflecting the sensitivity that characterizes him, Patrick also masters acrylic and pastel. Whether “close-up”, landscapes, scenes of Mauritian life or portraits, what makes the singularity of his works is that they are all very bright.
A recent member of the National Art Gallery, Patrick hopes to be more visible to the public in the future. But what he wants above all is to discover in his creativity, the passion of his roots and local customs. Whether he is combing according to his desires or on a personalized order, Patrick always has the attention to detail for each of his canvases.