Ile aux aigrettes in Mauritius

Published on October 29, 2019


Ile aux aigrettes in Mauritius
Famous for its turquoise waters, exotic beaches and beautiful sunny days, Mauritius offers a place where man and nature meet each other in the most beautiful way. Multi-cultural, Lush green Mauritius offers exceptional biodiversity. It is a home for some fantastic fauna and flora. Wildlife-rich Mauritius is the perfect place for wildlife enthusiasts around the globe. Experience the best of Mauritius by visiting “Ile aux Aigrettes.” Here, you will see the mesmerizing beauty of the south-east of Mauritius.
Where is Ile aux Aigrettes located?
Ile aux Aigrettes is a tiny island of almost 27 hectares located about 850 m off the south-east coast of Mauritius, in the town of Mahebourg Bay. While the mainland of Mauritius is mostly volcanic, Ile aux Aigrettes is made up of coral limestone. It serves as a home to the last remains of dry coastal forest, once found around most of Mauritius. Unfortunately, the famous “Dodo” is extinct, but there is still so much more to explore there.
History of Ile aux Aigrettes nature reserve
During the Second World War era, Ile aux Aigrettes island was utilized by the British as a military base. At that time, the native forest was cut down. Following this period, Ile aux Aigrettes was used privately on lease for raising Goats. In 1985, Mauritian Wildlife Appeal Fund (MWAF) formed a habitat rehabilitation on Ile aux Aigrettes island to bring back the vegetation and fauna of the island to its original state. MWAF continues the restoration while offering the public to visit the island and enjoy the unique Mauritian nature.
Perks of being at Ile aux Aigrettes
When you plan your trip to this island, you are signing up for a fascinating experience in your life.
• The adventures of boating
The island of Ile Aux Aigrettes is just off the coast of Mahebourg, book your boating seat now to enjoy the coast, birds and soothing sunrise.
• Breathtaking wildlife photography
You get a fantastic chance of capturing all the unique species of animals and birds to create timeless memories.
• Tour through the indigenous forest
A 1.5 hours walk through the dense forest is undoubtedly a brilliant experience of being so close to nature.

• Diverse Fauna
The Ile Aux Aigrettes animal species are most endangered and endemic, which means that they are rare not found anywhere else. Pink Pigeon, Mauritius Fody, Telfair’s Skink, Ornate Day Geckos, and Aldabra Giant Tortoise, etc. are some of the animals which are going to see there.
• Wildlife museum and plant nursery
The Ile Aux Aigrettes has a beautiful nature museum and plant nursery dedicated to the Mauritian ecology. You can buy plants from this nursery.

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