Grand Gaube, the fishermen village

Published on April 5, 2019

Grand Gaube île Maurice
Grand Gaube île Maurice
Grand-Gaube, a small picturesque village of 7500 habitants, located on the north-north-east coast 
of Mauritius, in the district of Rivière-du-Rempart, about fifteen minutes by car from Grand-Baie 
and less than 5 min from Goodlands. 
It appears for the first time on the map in 1880. The settlement of Grand Gaube began in the 
early 19th century around a small sugar estate, Belle-Vue Cugnet, closed since a long time. After the
abolition of slavery in 1835, slaves settled there to become fishermen with, for some of them, 
a specialization: the construction of canoes in Jacquier. Since then, Grand Gaube has a high 
reputation for the construction of these canoes, and we come from far to order from the famous 
carpenters. Unfortunately this activity has declined significantly since the advent of fiberglass 
But Grand Gaube remains a village to visit since it has kept its authenticity. Some small beaches 
are the happiness of the villagers in the weekend, where they gather together as a family to spend 
the day. If you spend some time or stay in the north, take a short tour and discover Grand Gaube and 
surroundings, as well as the view of the islands from the village.