Ganga Talao In Grand Bassin

Published on April 5, 2019

Grand bassin île maurice
Grand bassin île maurice
Grand bassin île maurice
Ancient volcanic crater, Grand Bassin is located in the heart of Mauritius, 
540 meters above sea level. The most sacred Hindu place on the island, it would
be connected to the Gange, in India. The first pilgrimage took place in 1898, 
and since it occupies a special place in the heart of the Mauritians. 
Regularly in the year, they come to meditate, sing, make offerings and pray. 
Several temples are erected around the lake of Grand Bassin, dedicated to 
different gods: Shiva, God of Yoga who possesses universal knowledge, 
supreme and absolute. Its 33-meter-high statue is by far the largest on the island,
with Durga's statue, the same size, Shiva's wife, who is the tallest
in the world. Every year, during the Maha Shivathree pilgrimage, thousands of Hindus
walk barefoot kilometers from their homes to the sacred lake, carrying Kanwar, 
a bamboo structure decorated with ornaments, on their shoulders. Great experience they
would miss for nothing in the world. Once in Ganga Talao, sometimes after several
days of walking, the pilgrims settle on the lake to begin their prayers accompanied
by offerings to Shiva. If you have the chance to spend your holidays in Mauritius at
this time, join them, it is an exceptional experience.