FLAT ISLAND : A paradise on water

Published on September 6, 2019


In the heart of the Indian Ocean lies a wonder, north of the famous Mauritius Island. A stunning and peaceful island filled with Mother Nature’s gift to mankind – white sand beaches, lush vegetation, and much more diverse beauties.
A spawning ground for dreams and inspirations, the snorkeler’s delight, and a hidden gem in the middle of an untapped natural environment. I give you Flat Island.
Say you prefer to be romantic and be all French; it can also be called Ile Plate. It was once a quarantine station – sometime in the 19th century.
At Ile Plate, you are sure to get an innovative and unique water experience. Access to this beauty of a paradise is via a chartered yacht from the mainland.
The crew entertains guests with local tales, jokes and local Mauritian music . While sailing to Flat Island, you will enjoy the singing of tail-tails and spectacular scenery of Coin de Mire, Gabriel Island, Round Island and Snake Island. The area is popular for snorkeling and diving. The turtles make us enjoy their visit according to the seasons.
On arriving, you’d be welcomed by breathtaking sceneries and an aperitive on the most beautiful beach of the island. There has always been this thing with water, bluish and cool, fresh, bright and beautiful – Poseidon must be lucky.
Then you start wondering. Where do you start? Will this be a perfect getaway from all the stress at work? How about serenity? Would it be romantic and filled with sweet, beautiful moments?
Flat Island sure provides the answer to all of your adventurous desires. It has got you covered with its wide range of services. You would be treated to personalized service, on an exclusive beach, free from all the crowdedness and noise – a private delight.

Then there is the Governor’s house, the restaurant, a stunning site facing the sea. It is reserved and protected, so much so, that one will still find the Mauritian green gecko and Paille-en-queue nest.
In this ruin rich with history, you would be left in awe. Awed by how beautiful it has been made. It is fitted with tables, chairs and partly with a roof, to create this eat-outside feel.
One would have to travel with the cooks on the catamaran to get there though. No worries, there is a place near the sea, a small bar where you would be treated to pre-lunch drinks.
A bit of relaxation, beach bench and umbrellas, basking in the sun with beautiful views – of Pain de Sucre and Ile Ronde – as one awaits the delicacy.
There is a choice of two packages:
• The silver package
It includes a selection of hot and cold snacks, grilled fresh fish, grilled chicken, grilled sausages, mixed salad, fruit salad, variety of wines, and mojito.
• The gold package
This package also includes various hot and cold snacks, grilled lobster, grilled fresh fish, grilled giant shrimps, mixed salad, fruit salad, selection of wines, and mojito.
Aroma! The delicacy is ready, prepared on a grill and served on a lovely dining table, delicious! You could choose to take a swim in the lagoon; it is legendary! A nap under the shades of the Filao tree is equally wonderful.
The beautiful walk back to the boat, the memories, and the mirth all makes Flat Island a spectacular experience. One of such experiences we are sure you’d love to have.

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