DODO QUEST : Fun & Challenging game for all the family !

Published on December 15, 2019

Hôpital psychiatrique
Chambre capitonnée

Why visit Dodo Quest?

Looking for brainstorming activities in Mauritius? Share with your friends or family, an unforgettable “challenging” moment? Visit the different rooms of Dodo Quest and experience one of the most unique and exciting experiences!

Dodo Quest is a concentrate of activities all more interesting than the others. Each room is unique and will offer you a specific challenge. With a more or less difficult level, more or less complex questions, a context sometimes scary, defy your cool, and stay focused on your goal! 59 minutes – not one more – to succeed!

It is rated 4.9 / 5 on the web. Very popular with children and teenagers fond of electronic games, they will play this time in real time! Between 2 and 5 people depending on the chosen activity, incarcerated in a cell, locked in a padded room or in the middle of a tropical forest, you choose. All games are exciting, enthusiastic and creative. But the escape rooms are part of the games that most often please the public.

Meet Pierre Poivre, explorer and eminent personality in the history of Mauritius, go in search of the last dodo, live the anguish of someone buried alive, or get out of your camisole! Keep your mind active and act like Sherlock Holmes, be a detective, find the clues and get yourself free !

Room 1 : Spicy story
Room 2 : Prison break
Room 3 : Save the last dodo
Room 4 : Mental hospital
Room 5 : Buried
Room 6 : Bank Robbery

Hide & Seek games:

Do you remember your childhood? Back to the hide and seek in the dark! Share this moment between young and old and become a hunter or hunted! Different themes, more or less in the dark, in the jungle or rather in a mine, escape your opponent by hiding in a dark tunnel.

Jeu 1 : Gold mine
Jeu 2 : Dark jungle labyrinth
Jeu 3 : Magic cave

Special games:

An excellent idea – in various places of the island – to organize your “team building”. Saint Aubin, Port Louis, Domaine de l’Etoile, discover the island through the game while creating a strong and unshakable team cohesion. Are you ready to give your classmates or co-workers a hard time? Go on a quest for the dodo, find the treasure, discover the mystery of the old ship, a real challenge for the whole team and a real fun!