Discover Mauritius from horse back !

Published on March 9, 2020

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The customers are unanimous, the owners love and cherish their horses!
While in most equestrian centers, horses are kept in boxes 3m by 3m, Kim, has decided to offer them freedom! “Our primary concern is animal welfare, we want the best for our animals.” Contained in large enclosures, her horses graze in a clean and very well-maintained space, all day long, except when they go on a ride.

Kimberline Marchais is 23 years old. Her horse riding instructor diploma in her pocket, passionate about horses since her childhood, she dreamed of waking up beside them every morning. After having visited Mauritius several times, his family decides to change their life and settles in Mauritius in 2016.

She created Les calèches du paradis, at The Vale. Small family business where everyone has their role. Kimberline brought its first horses from France and South Africa, despite the cost and cumbersome administrative procedures for travel and import permits. But her great love for horses does not end there, and pushes her to adopt two failed racehorses to give them a new life, away from the crowd and noise. Captain’s Chronicle was recovered in December 2017, while Alloy was rescued in 2018.

Walks at the beach, in the forest, passing by the cane fields going the beach of Anse-la-Raie. “We want everyone to discover this wonderful island on the back of our horses.” Beginner or seasoned rider, adult or child from 2 years old, Kim and her team will take the time to take care of you, to explain and accompany you at each stage of the preparation of the horse before the ride, as well as during and after the ride and reassure you if necessary.

3 splendid carriages are available for events such as weddings or special days. Perfectly trained for all eventualities – passing cars, firecrackers during parties, crowds, etc. – harnessed horses always remain serene. Depending on your preference, the white Cinderella, the fairy-tale carriage, the Victoria, the “turn-of-the-century Cabriolet”, more refined and very chic, and the black BTH 10, more classic and more robust, the all-terrain carriage for long walks on dirt roads.
Kim welcomes you every day, with family, friends, to make you discover her passion. Dedication seven days a week, with three meals at fixed times for the horses.

Les calèches du paradis
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