Cap Malheureux, the famous church with red roof

Published on April 4, 2019

Cap Malheureux

It is not possible to visit Mauritius without going to visit this monument. Not that it is exceptional in its building,
but its location will leave you speechless!

Located in the north of our island, Cap Malheureux, the famous church with red roof – Notre Dame Auxiliatrice –
was built in 1938 by Raoul Lolliot. With its prime location, by the sea and a breathtaking view on the Coin de Mire.

Arriving in front, you will immediately be enchanted by the contrast of colors between the red of its roof and the shades
of blue of the sea and the sky.

And when for a few weeks in summer, the flamboyants with their red flowers, the contrast becomes even more striking.

Always open to the public, Father Harel will celebrate the Messes every Saturday evening and Sunday morning.

You can sip a coconut while admiring the breathtaking view. To do absolutely!