Northern Islands, Governor’s House

Governor’s House Restaurant in Mauritius

Travelling to Mauritius also means discovering islands such as Flat Island and its well know ‘Governor’s House’ restaurant.
Grand Baie at Sunset Boulevard will take you aboard the catamaran where will be served breakfast and drinks.  After an hour and a quarter sailing to the island, the ‘pass’ of Ile Plate and Ilot Gabriel is just in front and requires lots of tricky operations succeeding one another. Skippers are busy, tension is at its maximum…
And here you are, welcome to Paradise ! If you have time, enjoy the snorkelling between the 2 islands, the reef is beautiful and with a little luck, the turtles will come to say ‘hello’.  The small motorboat will then drop you to Flat Island where you will then discover this hidden place, a have of peace in the middle of a raw nature : the Governor’s House.

Governor’s House : an historic place

The ‘Governor’s House’ restaurant or House of Gouverneur, set up in an old ruin of 19th century listed as Historical monument, is a stunning site facing the sea in an endemic and protective native nature where we can still find the mauritian green Gecko and Paille-en-Queue nests.
Near the sea, the small bar set up on the beach serves pre-dinner drinks ; Fat Boys and umbrellas will allow you to relax and bask in the sun with a view of Ile Ronde, Ile aux Serpents and the rock called Pain de Sucre. The swimming in the turquoise lagoon is divine. Don’t forget to bring beach shoes if you have sensitive feet because of the corals.

Having lunch at ‘Governor’s House’ restaurant

Lunch (prepared on barbecue) is served on a lovely dining table with feet in the sand in the beautiful set up of ruins. There is a choice of 2 menus, seafood or lobster.
Coffee time and nap under the shades of Filao trees for the lazy ones, last swimming in the turquoise lagoon for others and the day will end with the beautiful walk back to the boat , following the path on the island or through the beach for the most brave of you.
This outing is our big crush!  This visit will bring you into a flash back of the old Mauritius, far from the touristic crowd who visit the beaches of the two islands.

Smartvillas (Mauritius)’ advice

Our advice : If possible and if you can bring back in your luggage, use only sunscreens without chemical filters to help protect the Mauritian lagoons. These can be found in Pharmacies in Europe, but are unfortunately nowhere to be found in Mauritius.

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