Kite Surfing in Mauritius

With its crystal clear lagoons protected from the reefs, its trade winds system offering a steady wind almost all year long, its waves generated by the coral reef and long white sandy beaches facilitating the launch, Mauritius is without any doubt a must-see destination for kite surfing.
Because of its temperate tropical climate and its 300 km of coastline, the island offers to thrill-seekers a real opportunity to enjoy kite surfing differently. Whether you are a professional or a simple amateur, Mauritius is the place of choice for the Indian Ocean which attracts kite surfers form all over the world in large part to the ideal conditions and prestigious events of the island, such as the GKA kite-Surf World Tour. Wherever you are on the island it is always possible to practice this gliding sport, since it offers a great diversity of practicing places and this whatever your expectations.

Best Spots of the island

The best known spot from professional boarders is the Oneye Spot in le Morne, undoubtedly the most beautiful spot on the island with the magestic Mountain of le Morne Brabant, World Heritage Site of UNESCO, on the background. Thrill-seakers and kite surfers meet every year for a few days of international competitions, such as the Red Bull Wind Riders, which brings together the biggest kite surfers in the world. This spot is also perfect for both beginners and advanced athletes.
Oneye Kite Centre located at the tip of Le Morne offers kite surfing courses and equipment rental according to your level.
On the south coast, the Bel Ombre and Riambel spots have got an exceptional evironment and diversity and are perfect for confirmed athletes looking for unusual places.
On the South-East coast, Specialised Kiteboarding school with its professional team located in Pointe d’Esny, offers kite surfing lessons for beginners and advanced. Pointe d’Esny lagoon with its cristal clear water, the white sandy beach and the steady wind make it an exceptional place. Beginners will enjoy a ride in a reassuring and protected lagoon.
Belle Mare on the East coast is also an ideal spot for beginners, with a large space both on the beach and on the water, making it easier to handle your board and sailing.
Poste Lafayette located a little further north offers a lake equally ideal for learning, thanks to the offshore winds associated with lack of power, this spot is one of the safest on the island. Especially since its larger beaches offer a much more spacious take-off area.

Kite for experts

Notice to those looking to improve, the North of the island is for you. With strong enough winds all year long, the north coast is not recommended for beginners. Cap Malheureux is one of the best spots of this coast. You will be able to sail off the lagoon and discover other places. Nevertheless this practice requires and intermediate or expert level, because of the often difficult starts and the presence of many boats near the coast.
For the more energetic, Le Morne lagoon protected by a coral reef is located within 600 meters of 2 waves among the most famous in the world :’One Eye’ and ‘Manawa’. These two great spots are meant to be tamed by the most experienced kiters.

Kite Surfing safely

Mauritius has indeed many spots of kite surfing, the most important is to choose the ideal place according to your level of practice in order to fully enjoy this sports sensations in the best conditions and safely.
It is important to wear the right equipment such as helmet, protective vest and boots to avoid injury on sharp corals, be well accompanied and choose a professional and specialised school for your first trials.
If you are planning to enjoy kite-surfing alone, it is important to learn about the weather in advance, analyze the conditions on the site to determine the choice of the navigation area and the equipment to use.
The Smart Girls are at your disposal to provide you any additional information and will help you choose the service provider that will best fit your needs.