Big Game Fishing

Big Game Fishing in Mauritius

If you want an adrenaline rush, big game fishing is an activity for you !
Whether professional, passionate or beginner, it always provides incredible feelings that no other kind of fishing can match.
Thanks to its temperate tropical climate, surrounded by turquoise waters of Indian Ocean, Mauritius is a real paradise for big game fishing. The best period for big game fishing is from October to April but it is possible to practice all year long. The moon changes are very favorable and there is great diversity of rare fish roaming around the island.

Famous fish of Mauritius

Mauritian waters are indeed full of splendid species such as marlin, tuna, dolphin fish or shark. You will probably be lucky to catch a blue or black marlin, tiger shark or a dog-tooth tuna. But be careful, to practice this activity it is important to have strength and a lot of patience ! True sport in its own right, it undeniably requires important physical skills as well as being resistant during the effort.

Where and When to practice Big game fishing ?

Most of the big game fishing trips are scheduled on a full day, only speed boat fishing trips are half a day. Among the local providers offering big game fishing trips, Sportfisher, based in Grand Baie in the North, established for 20 years, has got fully equipped specialised boats and the qualified personal who will give you the best assistance.
On the South-West coast of the island, JPH Charters, professional in this field since 1975 is located in Black River. This business run-business managed by passionate experts has a fleet of boats adapted to different types of fishing such as trolling, small trolling or jigging which is a new concept of very sporty fishing.
With several records to its credit and an impressive variety of species, Mauritius confirms its place as a flagship destination for big fame fishing.
Don’t hesitate to ask the Smart Girls who will advise you on the providers of the island and will guide you for your booking on site.