Activities in Mauritius

Either for a relaxing family holiday by the sea or for a sport-adventure break with friends, Mauritius has got all the attractive features to help you spend a memorable holiday. The island is well known for its amazing turquoise lagoons and beautiful sandy beaches, there are loads of proposed sea activities that will please everyone. Nature lovers will be delighted by the lush vegetation and biodiversity of the island, also known for its natural beauty. Golfers will be captivated by the many world-class golf courses around the island, each known for their specificity and originality.

To explore and understand the culture of Mauritius, it is important to immerse yourself in its rich and hectic History. Various cultural activities, visits of temples and unique sites are proposed by local tours in the capital and in many other places throughout the island. Don’t hesitate to get involved and try them ! Mauritian cuisine is also an interesting experience, you will have opportunity to taste different local meals either in restaurants or on the food stalls in the cities, where you will try the delicious samoosas or dholl purri. Whether in indian, creole or European dishes, the local flavours will be a delight to your taste buds !