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The Smartgirls

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    Founded in 2010, the Smart villas Mauritius mission is to meet the growing demand of holidaymakers looking for a genuine experience in Mauritius. Vacationers are mainly looking for an alternative to the standardised hotel proposals, without losing comfort while having an enrich experience of Mauritius.
  • At the start, the Smart girls, Benedicte, Marie and Nathalie were the link between foreign friends and friends, owners of luxury villas in Mauritius. Four years later, the Smart Villas catalogue contains more than a hundred villas for rent in all the exclusive places of Mauritius.
  • This intimacy with our clients and property owners has been the essence of our successful business
    Each property has been handpicked with care and we maintain a close relationship with both the owners and the personal concierge who will be taking care of you during your stay. We also work in close collaboration with local contractors.
    Because of this very expertise, our aim is to provide you with a unique property with exceptional service, which will answer all your needs. Even our “low budget” properties offer impeccable comfort and quality.
    In order for you to fully enjoy the Smartvillas experience, from the time of arrival until the time of departure, our team is at your entire disposal during your stay.
    You will notice very quickly that the kindness of Mauritians is not just a myth!
    If discretion is what you are looking for, you can count on us…
    In other words, we are there for you, should you wish so, to offer, suggest or organize services and activities which will make your stay unforgettable.
    Mauritians by origin or from the heart, all three Smartgirls grew up in Mauritius and know Mauritius from the back of their hands.
    With a background in either the luxury industry, architecture or fashion, they have decided to combine their expertise in favour of Smartvillas, thereby creating a luxurious line in the real estate domain. Demanding and tireless, Bénédicte, Nathalie and Marie also have a fulfilled family life.
    The three smartgirls are at your service 24/24, be it in selecting your accommodation or assisting you throughout your entire stay.

Benedicte - The kindest and most devoted Smartgirl.


Marie - The leader, always in action she ensures that the dream team remains alert and on the go.


Nathalie - The most sassy, you will never get bored with Nathalie.


Benedicte - Cap Malheureux is her anchoring point. This is where she spent her childhood days. She then chose to study interior architecture and went on to live and work in Paris. When Bénédicte returned to Mauritius with her family, she launched the Smartvillas adventure with Nathalie. Her passion for beautiful architecture, leads her to aspire for exceptional properties. She is a perfectionist, and therefore when it comes to organizing the perfect stay in Mauritius, you can certainly rely on her good taste. She is known for her immense devotion.  

Marie - Now settled in Grand Baie with her family, Marie spent ten years between Paris and London, where she worked in the luxury industry. First in the Richemont group, Marie then became marketing director of one of their reputable leading brand, Jaeger-LeCoultre. Having returned to Mauritius in 2012, she joined Bénédicte and Nathalie as an associate of smartvillas, an ideal complement to the team in place. Her natural energy and perseverance are the perfect assets to entrust her with the task of head of communications.  

Nathalie - Resident of Rivière Noire, Nathalie is the Smartgirl who will make you discover the glorious west coast of Mauritius, her favorite spot. As a professional stylist, she seeks refinement and elegance, essential criterias in the choice of the properties she offers. Nathalie is also experienced in the hotel business, therefore showing an innate sense of reception. Dynamic and resourceful, is how what describe her the best.