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The benefits of massage have been known for years. Techniques from all around the world provide relaxation and well-being. Nitisha  and Arveen offer various massages and treatments in the comfort of your villa.
With Nitisha you can try Swedish and Balinese  massage. Swedish massage is a deep massage of the whole body. Its goal is to dissolve all tension, tone the body and boost circulation. It is usually very popular with sportsmen.
The Balinese massage is a mixture from the ayurvedic massage, Chinese and Thai. It eases tension and calms the body and mind. A unique moment of deep relaxation.
Also try the head and neck, massage, a pure delight
Arveen  who is also a Physiotherapist offers  Relaxing and treatment  massage

Further details & prices:

Massage with Nitisha (including transport)

Rs 1,500 for one hour and Rs 2100 for 1h 30 minutes

Massage with Arveen

As from Rs 900 for 30 minutes (transport fees of Rs500 may apply)


Rs 1 000 for 35 minutes(transport fees of Rs500 may apply)

Decreasing rates for more than 2 massages