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Well’n Fit is our partner to give you access to a large range of services dedicated to fitness and beauty at the villa. Their instructors and beauticians have been selected to offer you a great experience on site. Services include manicure, pedicure, waxing, facial treatments, various massages, fitness classes (stretching, aerobics, aqua gym) and relaxation sessions (yoga, pilates). Do not hesitate to list your wishes  and we will gladly send you a quotation  prior to your booking. Prices can vary slightly according to the region and time of the booking.

Further details & prices:

Prices may be subject to changes due to flunctuations in the rate of exchange


From Rs 1,000 (approx. 25€) for a blowdry

Manicure and Pedicure

From Rs 2,500 (approx.63€)

Waxing and Facial treatments

From Rs 700 (approx.18€) and Rs 1,450 (approx.36€) respectively

Fitness Classes

From Rs 1,450 (approx.37€) for a 1- hour session

Golf with sparting partner

From Rs 2,000 excl. the green fee

Massage in your villa

From Rs 1,200 for 1 hour massage +Rs 200 for transport