Domaine de L’Etoile

It is an ancient domain now open to the public for Hunting and Tourism. Located South-east of Mauritius, the Domaine de L`Etoile includes one of the oldest sugar plant of the island (now in ruins) and spreads towards the bay of Mahebourg southwards overlooking the Vieux Grand Port lagoon.

The Domaine de L’Etoile is probably the most preserved place of the island. In addition to its English garden near the river, the area includes hundreds of varieties of plants and trees: ebony, thimber and other endemic plants. Visitors can see deers, wild boars, monkeys and bats, as well as bird species to the brink of extinction such as Kestrels and Green Cateaux.

Very hilly, the area offers panoramic views allowing you to see more than half of the Mauritian coast, Central Plateau, Mountain Lion and the Moka mountain range.

The domain offers several activities like Hiking, 4 X 4 or Quad and Archery, that allow you to enjoy these magical places in different ways. There is also the restaurant on the terrace of the main bungalow where receptions can be organized.