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Hyundai I10
Perodua Viva
Citroen C1
Toyota Avanza
Nissan Juke
Toyota Hilux
Mini Cooper
Nissan Micra
Nissan Qashqai

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A car is often needed during your stay in Mauritius. Smartvillas will arrange it for you, the car can be delivered at your villa at no extra cost.

We work with trustworthy local partners  as well as the international car rental agency Europcar.

List of cars:

Category A: Perodua Viva, Citroen C1

Category B: Hyundai I 10

Category C: Hyundai I 20, Nissan Micra

Category D: Nissan March ou Hyundai I 20 (automatique), Nissan NV 7 sièges

Category E: Toyota Hilux, Nissan Duke (automatique)

Category F: Nissan Qashqai, Hyundai Santa Fe, Mini Cooper, Fiat 500


Further details & prices:

Decreasing rates for more than 3 days renting

Category A - B

Rs 1,500 ( approx. 38€) and Rs 1,600 ( approx. 40€) respectively

Category C

Rs 1,700 ( approx. 43€)

Category D

Rs 1,800 (approx. 45€) and Rs 2,800 (approx 70€) respectively

Category E

Rs 2.900 (approx. 73€)

Category F

Rs 5,500 (approx 137€)


As from Rs 2,500 (approx. 63€)