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Fly by ULM

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Island Wings is located in the North-East of Mauritius, near Mon Loisir. Bruno and Gaetan have a good experience in ULM. Bruno was one of the first to fly a ULM in Mauritius and has over 2,000 flight hours on various devices including lightweight ULM and Seaplanes. Take off the turquoise blue seabase in front of LUX* Grand Gaube, overflying both land and sea of the North East coast.

The one hour flight will allow you to discover some of the most beautiful lagoons of the island – going through Roches Noires, and all the way down to L’île aux Cerfs

Further details & prices:

Prices: - 20 mins flight: Rs 3,500

60 mins flight: Rs 8,000

Seaplane as from Rs 5,000 for 20 minutes